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Connecting with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute through GDS

Date:Jan 11,2019



Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute enables enterprises to build a more controllable and secure hybrid cloud environment by providing a dedicated high-performance, secure connection between your IT environment and Microsoft Azure.

GDS leverages its comprehensive service capabilities from architecture planning to implementation, operation and maintenance to provide one-stop resources and services required by users to build ER connection, as a Gold and C3/C1 partner of Microsoft Cloud with IDC and value-added telecommunications A2 licenses. Users are guaranteed peace of mind with our one-stop contract execution, delivery and service assurance.


  • High stability, high reliability

  Redundant interconnect paths and multiple routing with Azure Cloud to ensure high reliability

  • High security, high performance

  Minimum network hopping and lowest network latency to enable high-performance network connection

  • High flexibility, fast delivery

  Fast implementation and delivery through abundant Telecom operator resources and nearby access via data centers strategically positioned throughout China


Application scenarios

  • Make connections stable, reliable and safe, and provide support for key services

  With ExpressRoute, you can create a proprietary connection between an Azure data center and your on-premises data center. Cloud Connection Service connects through a private network and is more stable, with more predictable bandwidth and latency and higher security than a connection via a public network. It can provide support for critical business (for example, SAP systems).

  • Recovery

  Cloud Connection Service provides you with a fast and reliable connection to Azure, which is suitable for the following scenarios: periodic data migration, replication for business continuity, disaster recovery, and other high availability strategies. It can also be a cost-effective option for transferring large amounts of data (such as datasets for high-performance computing applications), or moving large virtual machines between your development/test environment in Azure and your on-premises production environment.

  • Expand your data center

  It allows you to securely add compute and storage capacity to your existing data center. The high throughput and low latency provided by Cloud Connection Service’s dedicated line services make an Azure data center operated by 21Vianet feel like a natural extension of your own data center, so you can enjoy the scalability and economy of the public cloud while enjoying high throughput, low latency network performance.

  • Build hybrid applications

  Cloud Connection Service provides a predictable, reliable, and secure way to connect an Azure data center operated by 21Vianet with a customer’s on-premises data center. Users can build applications that span both on-premises infrastructure and Azure applications operated by 21Vianet, without compromising security or performance and enabling flexible and reliable hybrid cloud deployments. There are two ways of setting up backups for Cloud Connection Service:

  ♦ Two-line access backup for master-failover configuration.

  ♦ Configure a VPN connection as a failover path for ExpressRoute.



  • Resources deployed in proximity to clouds

  Offline IT resources and managed racks in the same park with Microsoft Azure resources to help users achieve ultra-low latency similar to LAN while significantly reducing their cost of private telecommunications lines.

  • Solid collaboration with Telecom operators

  Our solid collaborative relationship with telecom operators has enabled us to provide users with favorably priced, fully compliant private links and ensure timely and effective response to their needs.

  • A large industry ecosystem

  With a large concentration of resources, data and technology services on GDS’s platforms, we can provide users with substantial third party resources, data and technology services.

  • Comprehensive service capabilities

  In addition to uniform planning, delivery, operation and maintenance management services that cover Microsoft Azure and users’ private environment, we can also provide users with considerable shared resources services including computing, storage, network, security and backup in a hybrid cloud environment.


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